Entry Requirements for B.Ed. in English (4 Years)

  1. You must have a high school certificate, or an equivalent.
  2. You must have a high vocational certificate or equivalent, or associate’s degree.
  3. You must have proficiency in teacher profession, and ones must have proper characteristics and mentality to be a teacher.
  4. You must pass the admission system according to Office of the Higher Education Commission, or meet the qualifications described in the Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University Regulations on Education or the Regulations of the Professional Standards or National Qualification Framework.
  5. You must be well-equipped with wisdom, physical and mental health.
  6. If you have or expect to receive a high school certificate or an equivalent from an institution in a foreign country, that institution must be accredited by the Ministry of Education of Thailand prior to student registration.
  7. If you develop a reputation for your school or any institutes, you will get a favourable consideration from the committee of the curriculum administration.
  8. If you have any scores of an English proficiency test from any either national or international institutes, such as CU-TEP more than or equivalent to 30, TU-GET more than or equivalent to 400, IELTS more than or equivalent to 3.0, TOEFL iBT more than or equivalent to 40, etc., you will be favourably considered.