History of the Programme

            The history of the English Programme (B.Ed.) at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University was commenced at the same time of the establishment of a teacher training college. In the past, “Bansomdejchaopraya” institute had a particular role to “prepare teachers”. All teachers were separated into departments, including common subjects, educational subjects, and general subjects. They, together, helped teach students to be teachers. Later, when the teacher training college changed it status to teach other vocational fields, the administration was classified into faculties like other universities. Faculty of Education was responsible for preparing teachers from educational subjects. As soon as the faculty of education was set apart from other faculties, there had not been enough staff. Therefore, students were still studying common subjects and general subjects with teachers, who had taught those subjects before, from the teacher training college. Nowadays, the faculty of education is ready to manage learning and teaching in all programmes, and there are lecturers who are responsible for teaching each course. To compare with the past, the faculty of education at present is the institute of teacher preparation.
          The English Programme, one of programmes in the faculty of education, has the best intentions to prepare quality English teachers. The English Programme had its own history with this institute of teacher preparation as follows:
          In 1941, the Ministry of Education had the policy on producing teachers, so there was a new teacher training department established at Bansomdejchaopraya Secondary School to teach courses in the curricula of Certificate of Elementary Teachers and Certificate of Secondary Teachers. Later in 1956, those curricula were changed to the curricula of Diploma of Education and Diploma of Higher Education.
          In 1958, Bansomdejchaopraya Teacher Training School was upgraded to Teacher College and was developed to Bansomdejchaopraya Teacher College. In 1973, there was the teaching in Bachelor’s degree in Higher Education. Later in 1975, the Ministry of Education announced to commit the Teacher College Act. Regarding this, Bansomdejchaopraya Teacher College started teaching in the Bachelor’s degree in Education. The name of Faculty of education which was originated from “Education Department” initially started teaching only the courses in Education department and other departments, such as English language, Thai language, music and dance education, mathematics, sciences, arts, home economics, physical education, etc. Therefore, these departments were responsible by the lecturers in the departments. In 1984, Bansomdejchaopraya Teacher College was grouped with the six metropolitan teacher colleges and called “Rattanakosin Bansomdetchaopraya Consortium” operating teaching the undergraduate programmes, such as Bachelor of Sciences and Bachelor of Arts. At that time, The Education department was named Education Programme and provided teaching. Other courses apart from educational courses in the curriculum of Education Programme were managed the Liberal Arts Programme and the Science Programme as usual.
          On the 14th of February 1992, the King Bhumibol officially proclaimed the change of the institute’s title from Rattanakosin Bansomdetchaopraya Consortium to “Rajabhat Institute” operating as the higher education position to develop local areas and consisting of three faculties, i.e. Faculty of Education, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. At that time, the students of English Programme of the Faculty of Education were still studying at the English Programme of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Later, there was a new faculty starting its operation called Faculty of Management Sciences.
          Later on the 10th of June 2004, all the 41 Rajabhat Institutes were given the new title from the King Bhumibol called Rajabhat University. This affected the change of the name of Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat Institute to “Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University” consisting of five faculties.
          Becoming a university has influenced the Faculty of Education to reinstate all lecturers of every programme that were in other faculties to Faculty of Education. With regard to this, the English Programme was officially inaugurated and operated learning and teaching by having lecturers of English language in the English Programme of Faculty of Education in 2004. The curriculum which was first used was called the curriculum of Bachelor of Education (5 Years) Program in English. In 2016, the English Programme moved back to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with the reason of TQF 1 policy and has operated its administration and teaching since then until the present time.

Programme Philosophy

Philosophy Desired Characteristics
Be excellent in knowledge, => Good knowledge; wisdom
Communicate effectively, => Good English for communication
Be a professional teacher, => Good teachers
Apply knowledge to society, => Good practitioners
Possess public mind. => Good mind

Programme Colour


Programme Logo

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   –  Gold means prosperity.
   –  Magenta is the Programme colour.
   –  Two lions represent honesty and awe.
   –  The emblem of Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University is where the Programme located and the home of success.
   –  The emblem of Faculty of Education is boundary stone-like to represent where our students are fostered, cultivated and trained to be professional teachers.
   –  A pair of a man and a woman symbolises professional teachers and the main role of the Programme to prepare quality teachers of English language to society.
   –  The globe represents universality or the world, and the lotus represents wisdom. The globe on the lotus depicts wisdom supported the world.